• VTB Bank merged its retail and corporate networks — the largest merger in the history of the Russian banking system and a logical continuation of the project successfully completed in 2018 to merge VTB24 with VTB Bank.
  • VTB received a patent for a blockchain-based multi-issuer settlement and payment system — the Bank’s first-ever patent for its intellectual property. The technology will enable VTB to create digital products, services and payment instruments that provide a solution for the problem of accounting for reciprocal payments between a practically unlimited number of system participants.
  • VTB Bank was named the winner in the Breakthrough of the Year in the Retail Financial Business category at the 12th annual Retail Finance Awards presented by The Retail Finance magazine for achievements in the financial business in Russia. Experts noted VTB Bank’s record-setting performance in terms of mortgages, lending, savings and commission products, as well as the VTB My Investments mobile application.
VTB Bank MERGED ITS RETAIL AND CORPORATE NETWORKS – the largest merger in the history
of the Russian banking system
VTB Bank was named the winner in the BREAKTHROUGH OF THE YEAR IN THE RETAIL FINANCIAL BUSINESS CATEGORY at the 12th annual Retail Finance Awards
VTB Capital Investments — winner in the nomination BEST INVESTMENT APP Runet Mobile Application Competition Golden Application — 2018
  • VTB Bank joined the Ministry of Economic Development’s updated programme for preferential financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. The programme provides for the issuance of loans to SMEs at a rate of not more than 8.5 % per annum in 2019–2024, with subsequent subsidies for lending institutions from the federal budget.
  • VTB Capital Investment was named the winner of the Runet Golden App 2018 mobile applications competition in the Best Investment App category. The competition was organised by the Russian Association of Electronic Communications. The VTB My Investments mobile app for private investors received the highest rating among projects by leading Russian companies.
  • VTB launched a product factory and a digital factory for working with small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and introduce new high-tech products and services:
    • The product factory is aimed at the dynamic development of transactional and credit products for small and medium-sized enterprises. It will improve and accelerate the development of new proposals to meet every business need, and it will ensure that products are brought to market as quickly as possible;
    • The digital factory is responsible for the development of remote sales and the creation of a range of non-banking services for the Medium and Small Business segment. The objectives of the digital factory include the organisation of business processes related to remote sales, the introduction and development of non-banking services for entrepreneurs, the provision of state-of-the-art digital solutions for business, as well as the development of new digital communication channels.
VTB launched A PRODUCT FACTORY AND A DIGITAL FACTORY for working with small and medium-sized enterprises
A NEW VTB GROUP’S DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY was adopted, which includes an updated mission, vision and values for the Group
You can read more about VTB Group’s Strategy in the Strategy section.
  • A new VTB Group’s Development Strategy was adopted, which includes an updated mission, vision and values for the Group. The Group sets ambitious new goals, such as significantly improving its business model and achieving, by 2022, the net profit of more than RUB 300 billion with a return on equity of 15 %. The Group’s Strategy for 2019–2022 is built around three main priorities:
    • Healthy growth of the banking business, complemented by initiatives related to the digital economy;
    • A focus on customer interests and service quality;
    • New trends: increased efficiency, digitalisation and advanced technologies.
  • VTB Bank was recognised as the best bank for trade and export finance in Eastern Europe according to the authoritative international publication Global Trade Review. The biggest international banks took part in the competition. The selection criteria were the volume and geography of completed transactions, as well as banks’ innovative approach to business and participation in projects of strategic importance. VTB’s unique experience in terms of servicing business contracts ensures an individual approach and offers the most advanced and most profitable solutions for the Bank’s clients.
VTB Bank was recognised AS THE BEST BANK FOR TRADE AND EXPORT FINANCE IN EASTERN EUROPE according to the authoritative international publication Global Trade Review
VTB Capital Investment Management is the winner for RETAIL INVESTORS CATEGORY of the annual Financial Market Elite competition
  • The Bank’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held on 5 June and was attended by 2,348 shareholders and their representatives, including 740 who attended in person. The event was broadcasted online on VTB Bank’s website. For the convenience of shareholders, an e-voting system was available for use at the meeting.
  • The awards ceremony for the annual Financial Market Elite competition for top businesses took place in Moscow. VTB won the Brokerage Company of the Year award. The winner in the Best Management Company for Retail Investors category was VTB Capital Investment Management, and the VTB Treasury Fund was the winner in the Best Bond Fund category.
  • VTB Bank completed a strategic project to build its own IT cloud: a unified platform for the flexible management of IT infrastructure was created, which made it possible to reduce the cost of IT resources and to speed up the provision of those resources.
  • VTB Bank received an award for high-quality service, as it became one of the bestperforming banks in the world in terms of having fewest fraudulent transactions involving Visa payment cards.
VTB Bank received an award FOR HIGH-QUALITY SERVICE
My Smart City application developed by VTB Bank was named THE BEST TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR by The Banker magazine
  • My Smart City application developed by VTB Bank was named the best technology product of the year by The Banker magazine. VTB’s solution was the winner in the Mobile Applications category at the Tech Projects Awards, beating out mobile products created by some of the world’s top banks. My Smart City is the first application to link up VTB Bank with Moscow municipal services. The app enables users to view event information, top up their parking account, pay utilities bills and traffic fines, top up the balance of their Troika transport card and see the latest Active Citizen voting results and more.
  • VTB Bank launched a virtual mobile operator, VTB Mobile, which uses Tele2’s radio access network and infrastructure. Users can choose a tariff depending on their minutes or internet data needs and communicate unlimited within the network. International roaming is available for users travelling abroad, it has special options to save money on calls and internet. Clients can also use bonuses that they receive in the Multibonus loyalty programme to pay for extra services. When connecting, a user can switch a network with keeping his phone number.
VTB Bank launched a virtual mobile operator VTB MOBILE
VTB Leasing was named THE LEASING COMPANY OF THE YEAR at the international Leader Leasing Awards
  • VTB Leasing was named the Leasing Company of the Year at the international Leader Leasing Awards. The Leader Leasing Awards are held annually and are awarded to the best leasing companies in Eurasia and Russia, which offer new paths for development and projects and whose activities are aimed at economic development.
  • VTB, as part of the second intake for the corporate accelerator it runs jointly with the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, launched 12 pilot projects with startups, including a borrower assessment service based on client behaviour data, remote verification of mobile services users, an interactive assistant for employee training and a platform to create virtual voice operators.
  • VTB Bank began connecting clients to its contactless payment service for smartphones. This is a SoftPOS mobile application that will completely replace classic POS terminals. The Bank provides acquiring services for the platform for self-employed Russians and for micro-enterprises. They can accept payment for their services without purchasing special equipment.
  • VTB Capital hosted the 11th annual Russia Calling! investment forum in Moscow. The event attracted more than 2,500 visitors, including more than 500 investors and foreign delegates from 68 countries, as well as government officials and heads of leading global corporations. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the forum’s plenary session.
  • With VTB’s involvement, the M-11 Moscow — St. Petersburg toll highway was opened. The highway was built through a public—private partnership. The construction of the last two sections of the highway — stages 7 and 8 — was completed on the basis of a concession agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation, represented by the state-owned company Avtodor, and Two Capitals Highway, which was established by VTB Capital investment bank and VINCI Highways. The agreement was concluded for 27 years: for the period of construction to 2019 and for the period of operation to 2041.
THE VTB ACCELERATOR was designed to search the market for ready-made innovative solutions that can reduce costs or bring the Bank additional profit through the creation of new products and services. Through the accelerator, pilots are quickly carried out to assess the potential business impact and technological feasibility of innovative solutions, and the best performers are scaled up. For its second intake, the VTB accelerator received 301 applications from five countries from technology companies that meet the Bank’s requirements.
2,500 visitors from 68 countries attracted the 11th annual Russia Calling! investment forum in Moscow
VTB became the first bank in the market to issue A MORTGAGE LOAN THROUGH
The Bank’s VR mortgage service enables clients to use virtual reality goggles to evaluate all the features of a property
VTB is recognised as THE BEST TRADE FINANCE BANK IN RUSSIA by the Global Finance
  • VTB began operating a QR code payment service through the Faster Payments System in the VTB Online mobile application.
  • VTB became the first bank in the market to issue a mortgage loan through a VR mortgage service, when a client from Krasnoyarsk completed the purchase of an apartment in St. Petersburg using the service. The Bank’s VR mortgage service enables clients to use virtual reality goggles to evaluate all the features of a property, including its location on a city map, infrastructure, layout and detailed potential room designs.
  • As part of its work with small and medium-sized enterprises, VTB launched a platform for non-banking services that allows entrepreneurs to hook up the services they need to automate their activities online. The new resource offers customers accounting and tax payment solutions, round-the-clock legal support for their business, and a package of services for taking their business online. In addition, entrepreneurs have access to a service that enables them to search for freelancers to find solutions to one-time business problems, trade management services, as well as express services for verifying counterparties and registering trademarks.
  • Global Finance recognised VTB as the best trade finance bank in Russia in 2019. The publication’s editorial board reached this conclusion based on an assessment of a number of indicators, including transaction volume; innovative products, services and technologies; and the quality of the services provided. In addition, the opinions of international analysts and experts in the field of trade finance were also taken into account in determining the winners. In 2019, VTB completed trade and export finance transactions in partnership with 75 international financial institutions from more than 50 countries. Transactions were carried out both in traditional industries — chemicals, transport, steelmaking, nuclear energy — and in new alternative industries, including solar and wind energy.