Social Projects

In 2019, VTB Bank actively continued to support public-interest projects in the form of sponsorship and charitable assistance.

VTB Bank expenses for sponsorship and charity programmes for 2017–2019, RUB billion
VTB Bank expenses for sponsorship and charity programmes for 2017–2019

As part of its sponsorship and charitable activities, VTB continues to implement the following six large-scale target programmes:

  • A Sporting Country;
  • An Educated Country;
  • Patriotism and a Country of Traditions;
  • A Cultural Country;
  • A Country for Business;
  • A Healthy Country.

Financing these programmes enables the Bank to share its core values and social mission with society. The programmes are mixed in nature and include both sponsorship and charity projects.

VTB Bank expenses for targeted sponsorship and charity programmes
VTB Bank expenses for targeted sponsorship and charity programmes

During the reporting period, the Bank financed

562  projects
worth a total of
RUB billion
50.3 %
charity projects
(RUB 8.2 billion)
49.7  %
sponsorship projects
(RUB 8.1 billion)
A sporting country

This programme provides support for both high-performance sports (hockey, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, etc.) and popular sports that engage a large number of people in healthy lifestyles. In addition, VTB contributes to the development of infrastructure for the supported sports and pays special attention to fulfilling strategic objectives in terms of the development of Russian sport to 2024.

In 2019, VTB Bank implemented 32 major sports projects. The most notable of these were the Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix, the VTB Kremlin Cup and the VTB United Basketball League. VTB also supported the Russian Volleyball Federation and the KAMAZ-master rally team.

Patriotism and a country of traditions

The main goals of this programme are to build a sense of patriotism and pride in the country. The programme includes unique projects aimed at reviving national and spiritual values and preserving historical heritage sites. The Bank provides support for public-interest foundations and provides charitable assistance to people in emergency situations and facing hardships in life.

In 2019, VTB Bank implemented 151 projects in this area: support was provided to 17 veterans’ foundations, as well as the Valaam and New Jerusalem monasteries; the feature film Lev Yashin: The Dream Goalkeeper and the television series Godunov: The Continuation were produced with VTB’s support.

A cultural country

Through this programme, the Bank supports projects related to Russian cultural institutions; national heritage sites (major museums, significant exhibitions); national-level creative unions, troupes and performers (theatres, tours, performances); as well as the primary channels for cultural dissemination (film production, television). Priority projects include those that contribute to the implementation of the strategic objectives for the development of the Russian Federation to 2024 in the framework of the Culture national project.

Some 77 cultural events took place in 2019 with VTB’s support, including notable exhibitions such as those dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Ilya Repin at the Tretyakov Gallery and the State Russian Museum, the premiere of the ballet The Pygmalion Effect at the Boris Eifman Ballet Theatre and the premiere of the opera Manon Lescaut at the Bolshoi Theatre and many others.

An educated country

In accordance with the objectives of the Education and Science national projects, VTB Bank provides long-term financial support to leading universities in the country in order to ensure that their educational and scientific programmes are aligned with the current needs of society and the long-term objectives for the development of the Russian economy (including in the area of finance). This programme also includes projects to improve financial literacy, support for startups, identifying talented students through professional contests, grants and scholarship programmes.

In 2019, 142 projects received financial support, including the I Am a Professional Russian national competition, the Changellenge Cup IT 2019, the What? Where? When? programme and the Kidburg vocational centres for children.

A country for business

VTB sponsors and organises business events at the national and international levels. The largest industry events related to strategically important areas of VTB Bank’s activities are held with the support of Group companies. Support is provided for projects aimed at the development of state-of-the-art technologies in the banking and other sectors of the country’s economy, including those contributing to the fulfilment of the strategic objectives for the development of the Russian Federation to 2024 within the framework of the Digital Economy national project.

In order to develop the business community and strengthen its reputation in 2019, the Bank supported no fewer than 40 events, including nine major international forums (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, World Economic Forum, Russian Internet Forum, Russia Calling forum, etc.) and industry conferences.

A healthy country

This programme provides funding in the framework of the Health and Environment national projects. Charitable support is provided to healthcare institutions and for projects related to the development of advanced medical technologies. For over a decade, VTB Bank has been operating its nationwide corporate charity programme A World Without Tears, which purchases equipment for children’s hospitals. The Bank helps protect the country’s environment by supporting projects aimed at increasing the population of rare animal species in Russia’s ecosystems and by participating in the work of the Arctic Council.

In 2019, 77 projects were implemented, including support for 59 healthcare institutions and seven charitable foundations, as well as projects related to biodiversity conservation. Twenty-six events took place through the A World Without Tears programme: 4 in Moscow and 22 in regional cities.

Sponsorship and charity activities of other VTB Group companies

VTB companies and subsidiaries conduct sponsorship activities on the basis of their own annual sponsorship plans. Group members make their own independent decisions on charitable activities in line with their forecast limit for the year and in accordance with a decision by their management or their own charity committees.

In addition to VTB Bank, the following members of VTB Group conducted regular activities related to social projects in 2019:

  • VTB Bank (Azerbaijan)
  • VTB Bank (Armenia)
  • VTB Bank (Belarus)
  • VTB Bank (Georgia)
  • VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)
  • VTB Bank (Europe)
  • Vozrozhdenie Bank
  • West Siberian Commercial Bank
  • Sarovbusinessbank
  • VTB Leasing
  • VTB Capital Holding

Russian members of VTB Group spent a total of RUB 1,416 million, while members of VTB Group operating outside the Russian Federation spent USD 1.3 million. In total, support was provided for 361 projects, including 149 sponsorship and 212 charitable projects.

VTB Bank subsidiaries support projects and programmes that are in line with the areas of social investments that VTB Bank has identified as corporate priorities.

Sponsorship and charity expenses of VTB Group companies
Sponsorship and charity expenses of other VTB Group companies