VTB Group includes Russian and foreign commercial banks as well as financial companies. VTB Group is structured as a holding company, which envisages a unified strategy for the development of Group companies, a single brand, centralised financial management and risk management and unified control systems.

In Russia, the Group performs banking operations through a parent company (VTB Bank) and a number of subsidiary banks — Vozrozhdenie Bank, West Siberian Commercial Bank, Sarovbusinessbank — as well as through the Post Bank joint venture.

As of the end of 2019, the Group’s banking and investment banking business was active in 18 countries around the world. Outside Russia, the Group operates through eight subsidiary banks located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Angola and through two representative offices located in Italy and China, as well as two VTB branches in China and India, a branch of VTB Bank (Europe) in Austria and a branch of VTB Capital in Singapore. The Group’s investment banking division conducts operations with securities and provides financial advisory services in Hong Kong, while also conducting investment banking services in Bulgaria and offering commodities financing in Switzerland. The Group also has an associated bank in Cyprus. In addition, VRB Bank, a joint venture between VTB and a Vietnamese bank, conducts banking activities in Vietnam.

The Group operates in all major segments of the fnancial market. Corporate-Investment Business, Medium and Small Business and Retail Business are the Group’s global business lines, which specialise in servicing various client segments.